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Queensland businesses are being urged to not get complacent about the threat of COVID-19 following hot spots flaring up in New South Wales over the weekend.

It comes after Victoria was forced back into lockdown, recording a further 270 new cases on Monday to bring the state’s tally up to 4224 active cases of the virus.

Melbourne and Mitchell Shire were both put back on stage three restrictions on July 8 with a six-week timeframe to try and bring the flareups under control. But the Australian Medical Association (AMA) has declared the restrictions could extend beyond six weeks.

“While frustrating, that might be what’s required,” Associate Professor Julian Ratt said.

New South Wales facing further restrictions following weekend flare-ups

A total of 21 new cases of COVID-19 were linked to a pub cluster at The Crossroads Hotel in Casula, located in Sydney’s south-west over the weekend.

This has led to Premier Gladys Berejiklian announcing tighter restrictions at licenced venues, with group bookings slashed from 20 to 10 and patrons limited to 300 at larger venues. These restrictions will only apply to pubs, not clubs, restaurants or casinos.

Queensland further tightens border restrictions as the state prepares for potential COVID-19 spikes

Queensland further tightens border restrictions as the state prepares for potential COVID-19 spikes

More than 700 people were turned away at the Queensland border over the weekend as thousands tried to enter the state following the relaxation of border restrictions.

From Friday, residents of all states and territories except Victoria were allowed to enter Queensland which led to delays of around 90 minutes at the border as people tried to come into the state.

Now, Queensland has added the Campbelltown and Liverpool city areas to the no-entry list. Anyone who has visited those regions joins Victorians as being banned from coming into Queensland.

Health Minister Steven Miles said 18 Queenslanders had already been tested after visiting the Crossroads Hotel in the last 14 days.

How SPR can help your business remain compliant and stay operating during the COVID-19 pandemic

Site Pandemic Response (SPR) was created by Brisbane company Ionyx in response to COVID-19 as a free tool for small businesses and not-for-profit organisations to remain safe and compliant.

The app involves simple health checks being sent to workers, contractors and visitors before they enter a job site, with any potential threats being flagged on a central dashboard. That way managers can act and prevent potentially infected people from putting the rest of the workforce at risk.

SPR can also be used by tradespeople, couriers, health services and more for when they need to access a property for work purposes. These health checks can be sent ahead of time so they know they are safe to enter the premises.
This app is available for all Queensland small businesses (up to 50 licences) and non-profit organisations with heavily discounted rates available for larger companies. Sign up today to protect your workplace and help stay operational during the COVID-19 pandemic.