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Employment opportunities during COVID-19

Many businesses, large and small, have been forced to shut, along with entire industries. That has caused widespread job losses across the country. 

But there are some industries that are booming in these tough times and job opportunities are on the table.  

Government crackdowns to increase social distancing measures and prevent immediate, widespread cases of Coronavirus has left many Australians feeling the pinch.

Here are come of the companies and industries where you can find employment right now:

The leading global resources company has plenty of positions available around the world, including an estimated 1000 staff in Queensland and 1500 across Australia. 

There are traditional mining operations roles available including drivers, machine operators, mechanics, boilermakers, warehouse positions, trades positions, electricians and cleaners. 

And there are also numerous graduate positions available in data science, computer science, software engineering, finance, supply chain and logistics as well as many more roles. 

There are positions listed at careers.bhp.com/careers and as well as through employment agencies and contractor services. 

Health services 
The response to COVID-19 is going to require a range of medical professionals, allied health professionals, nurses and administrative support to meet the influx of patients expected (including those that need help for reasons other than Coronavirus).  

The Federal Government is also seeking people with qualifications in public health, epidemiology, laboratories, emergency and pandemic management, communications and media and much more. 

As well as medical professionals, a range of non-medical positions has become available with casual jobs paying around $30 per hour in Australia. 

And dispatchers will be required for ambulance services which are also expected to peak during the pandemic. 

Contact your state or territory governing health body for job listing and to apply. 

Major supermarkets 
It is no secret that the demand for groceries has skyrocketed due to isolation and quarantine requirements. 

Supermarkets are struggling to fill the shelves as fast as customers can strip them, which has led them to put on recruitment drives for shelf stackers across the country. 

With distribution centres now able to operate 24 hours a day, there is plenty of stacking to be done and casuals can earn around $26 per hour. 

Customer service positions are also available at all of the big supermarkets. 

Telecommunications companies 
With high volumes of people now working from home, the mobile, NBN and other broadband services are going to be under enormous strain. 

Call centre staff and field technician positions are becoming available to help support this demand. 

Services Australia
Unfortunately, the COVID-19 response has resulted in many Australians losing their job. 

This has placed unprecedented demand on government services like Centrelink. Services Australia is the governing body responsible for delivering Centrelink services as well as Medicare, Child Support and others. 

They are looking for around 5,000 workers to help meet the growing demand for assistance.