Protect your workers’ health to ensure COVID-19 restrictions remain eased

Queensland moved to stage three of its coronavirus (COVID-19) business restrictions easing plan on July 3 which means many more workplaces are now open for the first time in months.

The latest stage of easing of restrictions allowed for the re-opening of casinos, gaming and gambling venues, non-therapeutic massage parlours, saunas, bathhouses, nightclubs and food courts. It comes as Queensland recorded its 10th straight day of no new COVID-19 confirmed cases on July 6 while at that time there was only one active case in the state.

While some businesses and industries were able to open their doors for the first time in weeks or months, it also meant many other companies and operations were able to increase their activities and allow workers back to the office with some of the eased restrictions including:

  • Live music and concert venues, theatres and auditoriums permitted to open at 50 per cent capacity or one person per four square metres (whichever is greater)
  • Up to 100 people now allowed at weddings and funerals
  • The resumption of competitive and physical contact sports

And from July 10, people from any state or territory except Victoria will be able to enter Queensland again as long as they complete and sign a border declaration. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk praised Queensland for their compliance in 2020 and said that was the catalyst for restrictions easing and businesses re-opening.

“While cases continue to escalate in other parts of the world, the easing of restrictions here in Queensland is a testament to Queenslanders,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“This further easing of restrictions will see Queensland get closer to normality.”

Why businesses can not afford to be complacent about the threat of COVID-19

While the easing of restrictions has come as a great relief for Queenslanders, both from a recreational and economical point of view, the announcement of stage three did come with several caveats.

Before re-opening your business, you must satisfy the Queensland Government that you have proper COVID Safe business planning in place. That includes a range of processes that include:

  • Having a WHS plan that must be submitted to an authority in your industry for approval
  • Having a COVID Safe industry plan approved by the Queensland Government to allow for more customers
  • Completing a mandatory COVID Safe checklist if you are listed as a business that is in the higher risk category
  • Mandatory COVID Safe training if you are required to complete a COVID Safe checklist

You can read the detailed list of Queensland Government COVID-19 guidelines, obligations and recommendations here.

It is vital that these measures are adhered to or businesses can face penalties and your organisation – and the wider community – could face exposure to COVID-19 and the possibility of restrictions being tightened again in the future.

How SPR gives your business a free tool for COVID-19 compliance

Site Pandemic Response (SPR) is a simple to use health check app developed by Ionyx to help businesses keep their doors open and operations running during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Workers, contractors and visitors can be issued a simple health (physical and mental) checklist and any flags or potential risks are automatically sent to a central dashboard so management can stop any potential infection from entering the premises.

This can also be used by industries that require workers to enter people’s homes, allowing them to send the health check to customers before entering the premises and ensuring it is safe to go in.

The SPR app is available for free for all Queensland small businesses (up to 50 licences) and not-for-profit organisations, while heavily discounted rates are available for larger enterprises.

You can sign up for SPR today and help ensure you are COVID-19 safe and compliant for the health and safety of all of your workers, customers and the Queensland community.